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Authorized Fabricator For:

  • ARMACELL Inc Closed Cell Type Rubber (all Kinds)
  • GARLOCK Rubber  AASHTO Neoprene, Commerical Grades Neoprene Rolls
  • WEST AMERICAN RUBBER (WARCO  AASHTO Neoprene, Flat Sheet Stock
  • PALZIV, INC:   XL Cross linked polyethylene, EVA
  • PREGIS, INC:  Standard Closed Cell Polyethylene Sheets, rolls
  • REX-HIDE, INC   Neorprene Extrusions
  • MIDWEST RUBBER: Rolls and sheets
  • TEXCEL:  Imported Commerical Grade Neoprene rolls stock econonomical
  • ITP:  Closed cell Backer Rod, Hot Rod, Soft Type 1/4" DIA- - 6" DIA

All Materials above can be fabricated to your requirements with our state of the art machinery.

For Custom Products We offer:

  • Die Cutting Presses
  • Flow Waterjet cutting
  • Fecken Kirfel Horizontal Splitter
  • Ferry Automated Table Saw
  • Dusenberry Vertical slitting
  • Guillotines
  • Gasket Stripping Plain or Adhesive Self Stick
  • Custom Lengths
  • Bearing Pads Plain, with or without holes, Skews
  • Q.C. certifications and Lab Reports where required

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